Bring A Cup Camp 2011
Grant Recepient

Along with my new obsession with all things retro-space I decided to make SPACE the theme for a reginal Burning Man event called Firefly.

The Firefly Arts Collective was generous and gave me a grant to complete the project.

The Rocketship is made of painted muslin. The fabric is wrapped around a PVC and wood skeleton. The fins are insulation foam. We made working doors using wood and a dexion support . The doors activated when you stepped on a secret panel in the dirt.

Bring A Cup Camp 2015

Our theme for this years Firefly was " Fuck you I'm aWizard" after another local camp. Inspired by Castle Greyskull we made a 12foot castle wall with gates to host our events and bar.

The walls are made of wooden framework wrapped with painted tyvek.

Members of camp contributed signs, and sewn flags to support our questing events.